July 2019

SPFA Woodstock July Registration or Deposit

You can register or pay deposit for this tournament here. All teams that have not played before are required to make a $100 non-refundable deposit (if the tournament is cancelled deposit will be refunded). Please list your team name in the comments section of the checkout. You can pay with Paypal or emt. To make payment with emt choose "local delivery" in the checkout, then send your emt to ritch@slopitchforautism.net


Woodstock was a good turnout for our first time there. Nine teams took part and the diamonds were phenomenal.  It was last minute before we were able to confirm umpires only to tragically lose one in the morning. Lisa (convener) was able to think on the go and get it all taken care of.

We want to thank all of those that did umpire and did a great job. We also want to thank Sofa Kings and Misfits who both brought in $75 in donations. Lastly we want to thank everyone that participated and helped to make it a successful tournament. (our apologies to Sofa Kings whose photo was missed).

Congratulations to tournament champions Bud Lattes. We will definitely be back in Woodstock.