August / 2019


Sept 2018

As always, we had a great time in Wasaga Beach, Congratulations to A champs - Blue Jays and B champs Inglorious Batters.

Thank you to all those that donated. Comfortably Gloved lead the way with $405 in donations. We also want to thank the umpires, the amazing speakers that we heard at the prize draws and all of the participants. Wasaga never disappoints. Our apologies to Comfortably Gloved whose picture somehow didn't make it.

Aug 2018

Wasaga Beach was awesome yet again. Eighteen teams took part over two days and a good time was definitely had.

This tournament brought in over $2500 in donations lead by Machine with $1210 and Eager Beavers with $759. Seven teams in total made donations. We want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of these teams.

Saturdays skills comps were extremely well received as well as the time slot was completely filled.

We want to send thank you's to our amazing umpires who did a great job again as well as all of the players that helped to make the weekend enjoyable. 

On the diamonds we had a 1 run game, a 3 run game and a 4 run game in the three finals. Congratulations to A champs, Stride For pride, B champs Eager Beavers and C champs Fired Up.

We will be back in Wasaga again on Sept 15-16.