Sudbury March Deposit or Regiistration

You can register or pay deposit for this tournament here. All teams that have not played before are required to make a $100 non-refundable deposit (if the tournament is cancelled deposit will be refunded). Please list your team name in the comments section of the checkout. You can pay with Paypal or emt. To make payment with emt choose "local delivery" in the checkout, then send your emt to



We picked a terrible date to try to run in Sudbury but despite that and despite rain until 11:30 in the morning, five teams still had a great time. They truly showed the spirit of what SPFA is about on the diamonds.

We want to thank all of those that participated and all that volunteered to help. We had the pleasure of hearing from two outstanding speakers that really helped people understand a little better about what living with Autism is like.

Congratulations to our champs Braydan's Bomb Squad who defeated Autism Powers in the finals. We look forward to a new date next year and a return to being sold out in Sudbury.


Our first trip to Sudbury was a lot of fun. We met 12 new teams to SPFA and received some great feedback. We heard from 3 amazing speakers during the prize draws. They really help open peoples eyes to what Autism is and some of the challenges.

We want to send a HUGE thank you Shawn Bomhower for all the work that he did. In the future, Shawn will be convening our Sudbury tournaments. We also want to thank the many prize donors, all of the amazing umpires, and especially the teams that made this such an enjoyable day.

On the diamond, Bullet Club defeated Effectively Wild in the A final and Mudcats defeated Quit Pitching in the B final. Congratulations!!