About Us

Slo-pitch for Autism is a series of tournaments run through Awareness Athletics Inc. Our goals are to raise Autism awareness by spending some time at each tournament talking about Autism to the participants, to raise understanding by educating people on the facts of Autism and to hopefully help people with Autism gain acceptance.

After that the next goal is to raise funds for families. To do that we take donations that every dollar donated goes directly to families of Autism. On top of that, we top up that number from our profits. We do not set a percentage but do what we can. In 2018 approximately $55,000 has been donated to families. A little over $30,000 of that came from the donations that were received and the balance was donated from our profits.

As a business we also believe that by growing the business, as any business would, the better we do, the more we can donate. It is our belief that our people should be paid fairly and we will spend on advertising and promotion. 

We do not want to give the perception that we are charity tournaments. We are not. What we are though is a business that is doing what we can to help families of Autism.

Although we are not parents of autistic children we had many friends that were and saw the rate of growth within North America. At our first tournament in 2011 the Autism rate was 1 in 144. By 2016 that has grown to 1 in 63 and 1 in 42 in boys. Autism is the fastest growing disorder in North America as well as the most under-funded.

We ran our first tournament in Belleville in 2011 for a local Autism charity called Adam's Hope. It was successful enough that we decided to try again next year and it grew. The following year we took the tournament to Milton

and did that tournament for Kerry's Place Autism Services. In 2014 we added Kingston and supported 

Kingston 4 Paws. This was the year that we knew we were really doing some good.

2015 started a new chapter for us. In the beginning we knew that we had to work with charities to build our

credibility but we always wanted to find ways to donate directly to families. In 2015 we started offering teams the

option to represent a family of Autism. From each tournament a family would be drawn to receive a donation. We added tournaments in Guelph, Barrie and Cobourg. By the end of this year we were ready to expand a lot.

In 2016 we hosted 17 tournaments and in 2017 45 tournaments. We decided that every family represented would go on our donation list.

The response has been staggering. Our goal is to pay each family $500.  We have now reached the point of having a considerable wait list. For that reason we have stopped adding new families, for now until we can clear the backlog. For those families, we are leaving them on the list so that all families represented will eventually get the payout that we want to provide.


Our tournaments are more than just a ball tourney. We have a full round of skills comps at our 2 day tournaments 

and time blocked off to speak with the participants. This is the time that we give away prizes, but more

importantly, we speak to the crowd about Autism and why we are there. We often have people with Autism

or family members speak at this time. This is the time that the participants really get to understand the

impact of what we are doing. It is, to us, the most important time of the tournament.

We look forward to seeing you at a Slo-pitch For Autism event near you!